FIRST PSOT!!! er, I mean First meeting! (transcript)

Today several of us involved in AvatarFest 2015 met in the “avatarfeast” region in metropolis to introduce one another and kick around some ideas. Here’s the transcript of the meeting for those who weren’t able to attend:

[09:48] Danko Whitfield: hi Han!

[09:48] Han.Held Heya Danko!

[09:48] Han.Held Great seeing you! πŸ˜€

[09:48] Danko Whitfield: good to see you

[09:48] Han.Held Did you have any problems getting here?

[09:48] Han.Held you’re here from your metro account, right?

[09:48] Danko Whitfield: none at all. but i’m using my local av

[09:49] Danko Whitfield: yes πŸ™‚

[09:49] Danko Whitfield: seemed safer

[09:49] Han.Held Yeah, one lady in group is having

[09:49] Han.Held problems, Hello, Isis, we meet at last!

[09:49] Danko Whitfield: hello Isis

[09:49] Isis Ophelia: hello all

[09:49] Isis Ophelia: with my metro ava, I see she is barefoot lol

[09:49] Han.Held I’m half here, half in G+; I’m waiting to see if anyone else needs directions.

[09:50] Han.Held Hiya CloudServe

[09:50] CloudServe Assist: Hello

[09:50] Isis Ophelia: hello Cloud

[09:50] Han.Held please excuse me a couple mins; I gotta cope w/ RL and G+

[09:50] Danko Whitfield: i’m glad i got the Time right, never know with g+

[09:51] Han.Held Thank you all for coming -and yes, t his is the right time.

[09:51] Han.Held brb

[09:51] Isis Ophelia: Han that is fine, we are bit early

[09:56] Han.Held Hiya, Lieghton!

[09:56] Leighton Marjoram: Hi all

[09:57] Han.Held Turn off your AO for that chair, btw

[09:57] Danko Whitfield: YIPPEEE!!!

[09:57] Leighton Marjoram: Awesome chairs

[09:57] Danko Whitfield: lol

[09:57] Danko Whitfield: hi Leighton!

[09:57] Han.Held lol

[09:57] Leighton Marjoram: hi Danko

[09:57] Han.Held I had to try it a couple of times

[09:57] Han.Held Isis might have the right idea LOL

[09:58] Leighton Marjoram: I know hwat I am going to be doing most of this evening.

[09:58] Isis Ophelia: yes, tried to rez a chair but didnt work

[09:58] Danko Whitfield: lol

[09:58] Isis Ophelia: but this box is comfy too

[09:58] Isis Ophelia: hello to those who just joined us :))

[09:59] Leighton Marjoram: hi Isis, great to see you.

[09:59] Isis Ophelia: was answering to Andress in G+

[09:59] Han.Held This is an introductory meeting and at least a couple of people are having problems finding this region so I’m going to wait before calling this to order or anything

[09:59] Leighton Marjoram: k

[10:00] Han.Held HIya Eryn!

[10:00] Eryn Galen: Hey

[10:00] Eryn Galen: ~**Smile**~

[10:00] Danko Whitfield: hi Eryn!

[10:00] Han.Held The chair is a wearable chair

[10:00] Han.Held hopefully the box is copiable; I’m not sure what the perms are

[10:00] Han.Held let me set them

[10:00] Isis Ophelia: I am not wearing hehe

[10:01] Leighton Marjoram: Hi Eryn and Magnuz

[10:01] Eryn Galen: Well this worked, thanks

[10:01] Danko Whitfield: lets all push back a couple steps. then newcomers will land in the middle of the circle…

[10:01] Han.Held Heya Magnuz! Glad you could join us

[10:01] Han.Held yeah

[10:01] Isis Ophelia: Magnuz there is a chair besides me

[10:01] Isis Ophelia: its free

[10:01] Danko Whitfield: …and we can shgout at them to DANCE!

[10:01] Eryn Galen: ~**Smile**~

[10:01] Eryn Galen: Hey everyone. Welcome

[10:01] Magnuz Binder: Hello, everyone. I’m sorry I’m late, but I had problems logging in.

[10:01] Han.Held that works best if we have six-shooters :3

[10:01] Danko Whitfield: DANCE MAGNUZ!

[10:01] Han.Held You’re right on time, Magnuz

[10:01] Han.Held we’re gonna hang a bit and give people a chance to trickle in

[10:02] Magnuz Binder: So, now I’m steampunked.

[10:02] Han.Held I’m trying to be but I’m having problems o.o

[10:02] Eryn Galen: ~**Smile**~

[10:02] Eryn Galen: Thanks Magnuz

[10:02] Han.Held I noticed that scripted AO’s work odd here too

[10:02] Han.Held afk, I’m checking G+

[10:03] Isis Ophelia: hello Eryn

[10:03] Eryn Galen: Hi Isis

[10:03] Danko Whitfield: lol

[10:03] Eryn Galen: Anyone having problems to HG in, tell them to log into one of the official regions and tp from there

[10:04] Han.Held I’m referring them to *metropolis*

[10:04] Eryn Galen: good

[10:04] Han.Held one sec, I’m gonna go check those regions and see if anyone’s there

[10:04] Grid: Teleport completed from hop://

[10:04] Grid: The region you have entered is running a different simulator version.

Current simulator: OpenSim Dev PLUS Metropolis Edition [017] (Unix/Mono)

Previous simulator: OpenSim Dev PLUS Metropolis Edition [017] (Win/.NET)

[10:04] Grid: Teleport completed from hop://

[10:05] Grid: Teleport completed from hop://

[10:05] Grid: The region you have entered is running a different simulator version.

Current simulator: OpenSim Dev PLUS Metropolis Edition [017] (Win/.NET)

Previous simulator: OpenSim Dev PLUS Metropolis Edition [017] (Unix/Mono)

[10:05] Eryn Galen: wb Han

[10:05] Isis Ophelia: wb Han

[10:05] Han.Held ty

[10:05] Han.Held still trying to guide ppl here

[10:06] Eryn Galen: Let me put my alt at metropolis

[10:06] Magnuz Binder: Should I bring out the old lasso and go round’em up?

[10:06] Leighton Marjoram: Its like hurding cats!!

[10:06] Han.Held lol I think I should have drawn maps!

[10:06] Danko Whitfield: lol

[10:07] Eryn Galen: ok, no one there but Bertha and me πŸ˜‰

[10:08] Isis Ophelia: poor Bertha must be boring to be standing all the time there lol

[10:08] Eryn Galen: yeah, I think so too

[10:08] Isis Ophelia: first time I loged in metro I started to talk with her lol

[10:08] Han.Held ok i’m going to go to *metropolis* and try to guide people here

[10:08] Eryn Galen: be right back

[10:08] Danko Whitfield: Bertha won’t give us up

[10:09] Han.Held please give me five mins or so

[10:09] Isis Ophelia: ok Han

[10:09] Leighton Marjoram: MNp Han

[10:09] Isis Ophelia: take your time, np

[10:09] Grid: Teleport completed from hop://

[10:09] Grid: The region you have entered is running a different simulator version.

Current simulator: OpenSim Dev PLUS Metropolis Edition [017] (Unix/Mono)

Previous simulator: OpenSim Dev PLUS Metropolis Edition [017] (Win/.NET)

[10:09] Grid: Teleport completed from hop://

[10:09] Grid: The region you have entered is running a different simulator version.

Current simulator: OpenSim Dev (Win/.NET)

Previous simulator: OpenSim Dev PLUS Metropolis Edition [017] (Unix/Mono)

[10:09] Stassi Susanti: nope

[10:10] Han.Held hi

[10:10] Stassi Susanti: welcome Han

[10:10] Han.Held Thanks

[10:10] Han.Held Let me give y’all some LMs

[10:10] Stassi Susanti: yw that would be great

[10:11] Han.Held Try that lm, Andress

[10:11] Andress Renault: Ok lets give it a shot

[10:11] Han.Held i’m tryin to round people up, please excuse me TR πŸ™‚

[10:12] Grid: Teleport completed from hop://

[10:12] Grid: The region you have entered is running a different simulator version.

Current simulator: OpenSim Dev PLUS Metropolis Edition [017] (Win/.NET)

Previous simulator: OpenSim Dev (Win/.NET)

[10:12] Danko Whitfield: wow

[10:12] Stassi Susanti: okie ty Isis

[10:12] Magnuz Binder takes note

[10:12] Han.Held Welcome Stassi and ANdress

[10:12] Leighton Marjoram: Im back, cuppa and fed the dog. Hi Stassi and Andress.

[10:13] Isis Ophelia: wb Han

[10:13] Han.Held Thanks

[10:14] Andress Renault: Good to see you Danko πŸ™‚

[10:14] Stassi Susanti: Thanks Han

[10:14] Danko Whitfield: good too see you all !

[10:14] Stassi Susanti: likewise

[10:15] Eryn Galen: its your show, Han πŸ˜‰ Anytime you want to start…

[10:15] Andress Renault: Grabbing friend request so we can connect better πŸ™‚

[10:15] Han.Held Good idea

[10:15] Eryn Galen: thanks Andress

[10:15] Han.Held Sorry, I’m trying to get Oshi here as she was the first person to volunteer to perform

[10:15] Magnuz Binder is grateful at least some people around have social skills

[10:15] Han.Held that wouldn’t be me, that’s for sure Magnuz! :3

[10:15] Isis Ophelia: Andress I spent 99% of my time in digiworldz πŸ™‚

[10:16] Han.Held Ok, I think we can start

[10:16] Eryn Galen: Oshi cant get here?

[10:16] Magnuz Binder: I’m very social to anything resembling scripts or prims, but the rest…

[10:16] Han.Held No, I’m gonnna wait an min or two and then IM her

[10:16] Eryn Galen: ok Han

[10:16] Andress Renault: Ah thats my job and Isis is really good at it to the social part *grins*

[10:16] Isis Ophelia: Han performers are needed?

[10:17] Isis Ophelia: thats true Andress, scrips are chinese to me lol

[10:17] Han.Held Yes; right now we have Oshi performning a reading, I have a friend who is a dj who is going to put on a show and those are the only two firm commitments I have

[10:17] Eryn Galen: I can ask Dawn for Russell if you like Han

[10:17] Isis Ophelia: when we have the exact day & time I can ask Torben Asp to perform

[10:18] Han.Held That would be great, please do.

[10:18] Magnuz Binder: Yaayyy!!!

[10:18] Han.Held The dates are Friday Nov 13th to Monday Nov 16th

[10:18] Eryn Galen: Would the Saturday spot still be available?

[10:18] Stassi Susanti: Feel free to slot me as long as its not a wed

[10:18] Han.Held Yes, I think so, Eryn

[10:18] Han.Held I’m not sure when Oshi wanted to perform, though

[10:18] Magnuz Binder: If Russell comes, wild horses can’t keep Maggie from coming too.

[10:18] Eryn Galen: If so, keep it open for now, please. He does prefer that spot

[10:18] Eryn Galen: hhehehe Magnuz

[10:18] Han.Held Ok, what time does he prefer?

[10:18] Eryn Galen: let me check the recent shows

[10:19] Isis Ophelia: Torben performs lately only once a month, because of his chemo treatment

[10:19] Andress Renault: Isis wish him my best I know how hard that is.

[10:20] Isis Ophelia: so I will ask him and hope he is doing well in Nov.

[10:20] Isis Ophelia: thanks Andress, we all wishing the best for him (he post it in facebook, so its public, or I wouldnt mention)

[10:21] Han.Held Ok, I’m going to apologize I need to sit and actually write up lists

[10:21] Eryn Galen: thanks Danko

[10:21] Han.Held RL has me a bit frazzled, we have time to sort it out, however

[10:21] Isis Ophelia: Han what about making a kind of list in the G+plus

[10:21] Han.Held Now, I know Eryn is interested in building, who else?

[10:21] Isis Ophelia: who makes what and which day and what time?

[10:21] Andress Renault: You and me both this is my day away from Father in Law sitting, love this Starbucks πŸ™‚

[10:22] Han.Held I want to make a calandar, Isis, I’ll probably make a sub-category for volunteers and make a post there

[10:22] Isis Ophelia: sounds good

[10:22] Han.Held a subcategory in the group, I mean

[10:22] Magnuz Binder: I know how to script some and make in-world – off-world combos.

[10:22] Han.Held this is my first rodeo so please be patient πŸ™‚

[10:22] Isis Ophelia: building hmmm I am not the best at that, small builds I can do well, but not for big ones

[10:22] Andress Renault: I can do simple builds depening on whats needed

[10:22] Han.Held I don’t think we’re going to need a lot of building

[10:23] Han.Held We need to decide on the layout, and mostly IMO we’ll need landscaping

[10:23] Andress Renault: I can do more complex with a bit of time but we can also modify exsisting

[10:23] Magnuz Binder: I mainly do simple builds needed fto show off my scripts.

[10:23] Eryn Galen: me neither… Just a bar for some drinks, a stage and everything else is mainly garden stuff between the exhibit spaces

[10:23] Andress Renault: What about the Garden? Might be a quick way to put something up and modify

[10:23] Han.Held By landscaping I mean hedges and we’ll want to come up with an organic design for the exhibit layouts

[10:23] Leighton Marjoram: I could probably do a stand or a 20mx20m display. All depends on what is needed Han.

[10:23] Isis Ophelia: garden I got tons of freebie mesh trees

[10:23] Isis Ophelia: all 1 prim

[10:24] Magnuz Binder: The English Garden looks nice, and it’s not the most worn LK creation neither.

[10:24] Eryn Galen: right now the squares are just placeholders

[10:24] Isis Ophelia: and some flowers too, but trees are no transfer

[10:24] Stassi Susanti: nods I have a lot of garden stuff too

[10:24] Han.Held We need to decide what size the exhibits are going to be; I’d rather have 3 full large exhibits than a lot of empty smaller exhibit spaces

[10:24] Eryn Galen: Isis that shouldnt matter as its free to build here for now

[10:24] Isis Ophelia: ja

[10:24] Han.Held Ok, here’s what I think

[10:24] Eryn Galen: I would say 20×20 min, buteverything larger is fine

[10:25] Isis Ophelia: Han I have no clue, I have not been to any Avi Fest yet

[10:25] Eryn Galen: we should just keep to the multiples of 4×4 in case some parcel music or stuff is needed

[10:25] Eryn Galen: like video

[10:25] Han.Held Ok, has anyone else been to the SLB exhibits?

[10:25] Han.Held or exhibited there?

[10:25] Eryn Galen: Just the once

[10:25] Leighton Marjoram: what about having three exhibits about different aspects of opensim experience (1) the hypergrid (2) social and community and cant think of a third

[10:25] Andress Renault: I went to the conference every year

[10:25] CloudServe Assist: ive been to SL exhibits

[10:25] Eryn Galen: visited, nothing else

[10:26] Isis Ophelia: Leighton that I cans econd

[10:26] Isis Ophelia: second

[10:26] Stassi Susanti: no I have done vwbpe social in the past

[10:26] Leighton Marjoram: (3) role play (as my third)

[10:26] Eryn Galen: Its a pity I cant get to what I have done for Osgrids 5th birthday…

[10:26] Isis Ophelia: a 3rd one maybe Culture and education?

[10:26] Isis Ophelia: ah ok lol

[10:26] Leighton Marjoram: thats a good one isis

[10:26] Han.Held My only restriction on the exhibits is that it’s user-based, I’d prefer to have exhibits reflect what users do or like in opensim

[10:26] Isis Ophelia: so we need 4 haha

[10:26] Han.Held Isis has a great idea for an exhibit which is perfect

[10:26] Han.Held she can mention it if she likes

[10:26] Isis Ophelia: yes, I like

[10:27] Eryn Galen: I think you should have someone actully organising the exhibits

[10:27] Han.Held πŸ™‚

[10:27] Eryn Galen: dont do it all youself, Han πŸ˜‰

[10:27] Isis Ophelia: paintings from a young man with austism

[10:27] Isis Ophelia: around 25 paintings

[10:27] Stassi Susanti: that sounds great

[10:27] Andress Renault: What a very nice idea

[10:27] Isis Ophelia: and boards with short text about Autism

[10:27] CloudServe Assist: Will there be any sponsors or corporate type exhibits at all?

[10:27] Leighton Marjoram: great idea

[10:27] Han.Held No sponsors, no corporate anything; this is going to be user-focused

[10:28] Isis Ophelia: and how some Asperger persons are using the virtuality to improve their social skills

[10:28] Han.Held I’m going to encourage OSCC to do something for the enterprise side of opensim

[10:28] Han.Held and for educators

[10:28] Isis Ophelia: yes, no corporate, I will do it

[10:28] Han.Held That -what isis just said –is what it’s about

[10:28] Isis Ophelia: the topic is well known for me

[10:28] Han.Held how they use virtual worlds to improve their social skills; that’s perfect

[10:28] Eryn Galen: Lena aslo does a few education projects, away from Metro. We can also ask her if one of those would like to exhibit

[10:29] Eryn Galen: and we should talk with Shelenn if MOSES wants to do something

[10:29] Han.Held Both of those are professional, and I’m wanting to steer away from educators or professionals

[10:29] Andress Renault: That would be a good one, they are a good program.

[10:29] Han.Held Here’s the thing; users, people who rent or people who host regions

[10:29] Isis Ophelia: ok so in total how many SQ land is available?

[10:29] Han.Held are SERIOUSLY under-represented

[10:30] Eryn Galen: Ok, Im going to ask Buni, lol

[10:30] Isis Ophelia: Moses would be a good one to have

[10:30] Han.Held educators are highly reprefesented, hypergrid business primarily focuses on promoting grid owners

[10:30] Han.Held Buni would be great if she’d be willikng to attend or perform at something I’m involved with

[10:30] Leighton Marjoram: I have had an idea about maybe doing an exhibit about virtual safe space for LGBTQIA from a user/community member perspective. What do you think?

[10:30] Han.Held that would take some doing

[10:30] Han.Held I like that idea, Leighton

[10:30] Isis Ophelia: what is the letters please?

[10:31] Eryn Galen: ~**Smile**~

[10:31] Eryn Galen: I was thinking the same, Isis… Thanks

[10:31] Andress Renault: I agree Leighton nice idea.

[10:31] Leighton Marjoram: Lesbina, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Questioning,

[10:31] Han.Held he’s saying the use of virtual worlds as a safe spot for gay, lesbian, transgendered and other folk

[10:31] Andress Renault chuckles

[10:31] Leighton Marjoram: (cant remember of the opt of my head what IA mean will look it up

[10:31] Stassi Susanti: good idea

[10:31] Isis Ophelia: ah ok second that topic

[10:31] Isis Ophelia: the question is how?

[10:32] Isis Ophelia: how to present?

[10:32] Andress Renault: Perhaps grids that support them, info on some supporting websites?

[10:32] Han.Held I’m not sure what presenters will need

[10:32] Danko Whitfield: Allies

[10:32] Han.Held I am willing to work with people on that

[10:32] Leighton Marjoram: Thank you Danko

[10:32] Magnuz Binder: I would suggest a hypergrid trail as well. Minethere has got a great collection of links to “ordinary” people’s builds.

[10:32] Andress Renault: Heck even art and related fun materials.

[10:32] Danko Whitfield: πŸ™‚

[10:33] Isis Ophelia: ok this is turning very exciting

[10:33] Han.Held I prefer stuff that is more personal; “I am trans and I use VWs to safely explore my gender” instead of “here’s a collection of external resources on trans issues”

[10:33] Han.Held Great, Magnuz

[10:33] Eryn Galen: agreed Han

[10:33] Han.Held when you said Trail what do you mean?

[10:33] Leighton Marjoram: There is a logo for safe space i will put some info together and can send a notecard to people

[10:33] Han.Held I like the idea

[10:33] Stassi Susanti: mmhumm

[10:33] Eryn Galen: What about Roleplay

[10:33] Han.Held Perfect, Eryn

[10:33] Andress Renault: Like a Hypergrid Adventure I believe

[10:33] Eryn Galen: we had a great one on Metro with Hohenburg, but it stopped

[10:34] Leighton Marjoram: The main focus is about info and awareness raising for users to feel accepted as part of the opensim community

[10:34] Eryn Galen: I can ask Ly with her amazons

[10:34] Magnuz Binder: If people would like, we could give them hypergates to put up at their places so people can jump on, otherwise we could just simply link them from a gate here.

[10:34] Han.Held Roleplay, creative expression are things I am hoping to highlight/feature

[10:34] Han.Held Oh!

[10:34] Eryn Galen: I think we should mix that with fun stuff though

[10:34] Han.Held that reminds me

[10:34] Avatar Feast TP gate: Teleportal Active: Collision = ON / Touch = OFF

[10:34] Andress Renault: Me too Han

[10:34] Eryn Galen: hey Stio, long time no see πŸ˜‰

[10:34] Han.Held hi, Stiofain

[10:34] Isis Ophelia: Leighton that is a good point

[10:34] Stassi Susanti: hey stiofain

[10:34] Andress Renault: Oh hey Stiofan!

[10:34] Magnuz Binder: Hello, Stiofain.

[10:34] Eryn Galen: Han, talk with Stio about performers, hehe

[10:34] Han.Held That’s a crude gate I just made a few mins ago

[10:34] Isis Ophelia: hello Stio

[10:34] stiofain.nbmcmedia hi

[10:34] Han.Held It works to get here from my grid

[10:35] stiofain.nbmcmedia sorry am late took a few jumps to get here

[10:35] Han.Held it shoudl be set to take-copy; so take a copy and hand it to your alts

[10:35] Han.Held it’s fine, we’re glad you’re here, Stiofain

[10:35] Isis Ophelia: Stio there is a free chair besides Andress

[10:35] Eryn Galen: I have lots of different things we can use as a gate if you put your script in, Han…

[10:35] Han.Held by the way, I want to post a transcript of this meeting; does anyone object?

[10:35] Andress Renault pats the chair “Have a sit down :

[10:35] Eryn Galen: ~**Smile**~

[10:35] Eryn Galen: go ahead Han

[10:36] Leighton Marjoram: nope

[10:36] Isis Ophelia: go ahead Han

[10:36] Eryn Galen: its ok Stio, we are just brainstorming ideas

[10:36] Danko Whitfield: hi Stio

[10:36] Han.Held Thank you -it will help the people who aren’t able to make it.

[10:36] Han.Held Yes and clarifying a few things

[10:36] Magnuz Binder: One good thing would also be to design a logo for PR soon, so people learn to recognize it.

[10:36] Han.Held My personal goals?

[10:36] Han.Held 1) make a calandar

[10:36] Magnuz Binder: I’m OK with posting log.

[10:36] Andress Renault: Sadly I need to hop soon, hubby is done working and we have to run errands, would someone kindly post in group some quick notes or a summary?

[10:36] Han.Held 2) write up a blog with policies and things

[10:36] Isis Ophelia: btw gates, to ask people to host a gate that will bring people direct to the Avi Fest

[10:37] Eryn Galen: good thinking Han

[10:37] Han.Held 3) organize the G+ group better

[10:37] Isis Ophelia: the more places got such gate the better or?

[10:37] Han.Held so that’s my personal agenda

[10:37] Eryn Galen: you might want to put a subtopic “Organisation” in the grouo, Han

[10:37] Han.Held I’m lost, sorry –you’re saying ask people if they’d be willing to host a gate on their region?

[10:37] Eryn Galen: we can put everything there

[10:37] Andress Renault: For me just give me a building project and Ill get it done.

[10:37] Magnuz Binder: Sounds like a good frame to start with, Han.

[10:37] Han.Held I think taht would be an awesome idea

[10:38] Isis Ophelia: Han I meant, we make gates to HG to the fest

[10:38] stiofain.nbmcmedia is this the region it will be on or just a temporary one?

[10:38] Magnuz Binder: Gates to this venue and other places to those who want them, and the rest we can link from here anyway, yes, Han.

[10:38] Han.Held Isis test out the object I set out; that’s a TP gate across the hypergrid.

[10:38] Isis Ophelia: and then spread the word in G+ that it can be picked up XXXX and to rez in their regions, grids

[10:38] Andress Renault: Sorry folks good to see everyone, Ill keep an eye on the Group and post as neeed πŸ™‚

[10:38] Han.Held It’s full-perm so it can be made into whatever anyone wants

[10:38] Han.Held Temporary

[10:39] Leighton Marjoram: Or a HG object to touch to jump here

[10:39] Eryn Galen: This is temporary for the building Stio

[10:39] Leighton Marjoram: Bye Andress

[10:39] Magnuz Binder: Bye, Andress. Take care.

[10:39] Han.Held I am working to get a grid-independant region set up

[10:39] Han.Held tc, Andress

[10:39] Han.Held Talk to you soon!

[10:39] Andress Renault waves

[10:39] stiofain.nbmcmedia so the gate shud be the final destination then?

[10:39] Eryn Galen: take care Andress. see you soon

[10:39] Stassi Susanti: bye Andress

[10:39] Andress Renault: You will you will

[10:39] Han.Held good point, thank you Stiofain

[10:39] Danko Whitfield: tc Andress

[10:39] Han.Held Ok, building

[10:40] Han.Held here’s what I’d like to see happen

[10:40] Han.Held I’d like us to decide on the parcel dimensions, and then people build their exhibits on their own grids

[10:40] Han.Held then when the time comes, they join a group on the final server

[10:40] Eryn Galen: How about having several sizes?

[10:40] Han.Held and set out their exhibit on their parcel

[10:40] Han.Held under their group

[10:41] Han.Held I think we could have several sizes; how would that work?

[10:41] Eryn Galen: Thats the way we usually did it

[10:41] Leighton Marjoram: K

[10:41] Eryn Galen: as long as its a multiple of 4×4 we can make it happen.

[10:41] Eryn Galen: All we need to know is how many of shich size is needed

[10:41] Eryn Galen: the landscaping can accommodate

[10:41] Han.Held what I want, is for someone to NOT have to trust their assets to a strange grid if they don’t have to; the point of the hypergrid is to be able to share safely; and AFAIK that’s the safest way to go about it; set land to group, people rez their stuff under the land group

[10:42] Stassi Susanti: Hey Linda

[10:42] Han.Held Lina!

[10:42] Eryn Galen: hi Linda

[10:42] Han.Held *Linda, even!

[10:42] Linda.Kellie sorry I’m late

[10:42] Leighton Marjoram: Hi Linda

[10:42] Han.Held **pulls my foot out of my mouth**

[10:42] Eryn Galen: its ok.

[10:42] Han.Held It’s fine

[10:42] Isis Ophelia: waves hello to Linda

[10:42] Danko Whitfield: hi Linda!

[10:42] Magnuz Binder: Hello, Linda.

[10:42] Han.Held I’m going to post a transcript; thanks for coming!

[10:42] Linda.Kellie Hi Everyone

[10:42] Danko Whitfield: i like that Han

[10:42] Han.Held let me paste what I just typed for Linda

[10:43] Han.Held [10:40] Han.Held here’s what I’d like to see happen

[10:40] Han.Held I’d like us to decide on the parcel dimensions, and then people build their exhibits on their own grids

[10:40] Han.Held then when the time comes, they join a group on the final server

[10:43] Isis Ophelia: exhibits 20×20

[10:43] Leighton Marjoram: I could build a 20mx20m exhibit

[10:43] Eryn Galen: or bigger even

[10:43] Han.Held SLB uses 32×32

[10:43] Eryn Galen: if needed

[10:43] Han.Held I’d like to go with that

[10:43] Eryn Galen: that works too

[10:44] Isis Ophelia: ok

[10:44] Leighton Marjoram: ok

[10:44] Eryn Galen: I think that would make it to about 30-35 parcels

[10:44] Han.Held I’m going to make categories on the G+ group and ask everyone to ping me again

[10:44] Han.Held sorry for the disoranisation

[10:45] stiofain.nbmcmedia osg and oscc were 32×40 if they were that size u may get some ppl who exhibited before to put up their already built exhibs

[10:45] Leighton Marjoram: you are doing fine Han πŸ™‚

[10:45] Eryn Galen: Ok if you dont mind Han…

[10:45] Han.Held Thanks, Leighton

[10:45] Isis Ophelia: how many regions are available and how many are needed for those categories we mentioned before?

[10:45] Han.Held Yes, Eryn?

[10:45] Magnuz Binder: 32×32 means 64 parcels in a full sim, and 20×20 about 160.

[10:45] Eryn Galen: Might ask who wants to do what πŸ˜‰

[10:45] Han.Held Ok, quick hand count or head count

[10:45] Danko Whitfield: cut the parcels?

[10:46] Han.Held how many people are interested in helping build?

[10:46] Magnuz Binder raises hand

[10:46] Eryn Galen: /meholds up hand

[10:46] Stassi Susanti: I can but am oblivious to dimensions if that makes sense

[10:46] stiofain.nbmcmedia for me depends on timing and other factors

[10:46] Han.Held Understood, Stiofain, I can help with that, Stassi.

[10:46] Han.Held How many people are interested in setting out exhibits?

[10:47] Magnuz Binder raises his second hand

[10:47] Isis Ophelia: once the categories and what needs to be built is clear, I can try to recruit people to build

[10:47] Eryn Galen: Im talking Franzi into it for Hogwarts, heheh

[10:47] Han.Held hopes Magnuz brought some extra hands with him =D

[10:47] Magnuz Binder: Yay!

[10:47] Magnuz Binder brings out his spider avatar so he has 4 spare hands and 2 more feet for emergencies

[10:47] Eryn Galen: lol Magnuz

[10:48] Isis Ophelia: I have only 1 exhibit, that all

[10:48] Leighton Marjoram: What do people think of these: (1) the hypergrid (2) social and community, (3) roleplay and (4) Culture and education

[10:48] Eryn Galen: That sounds good, Leighton

[10:48] Stassi Susanti: sounds great

[10:48] Leighton Marjoram: As categories to organise around

[10:48] Magnuz Binder: Sounds like it covers most, Han.

[10:48] Han.Held I’m not sure that “categories” applies, at least I don’t see how it does; I’m thinking closer to “theme” ala’ SLB …in that case the “theme” would be “what I do here”

[10:48] Eryn Galen: Sounds like you could organise the exhibits πŸ˜‰

[10:48] Isis Ophelia: yes, good

[10:48] stiofain.nbmcmedia sounds good

[10:48] Han.Held I’m open to categories but we have to wokr it out

[10:48] Han.Held *work

[10:48] Isis Ophelia: call it themes if you like or categories

[10:48] Leighton Marjoram: Theme, category different words for the same thing.

[10:49] Han.Held Ok

[10:49] Leighton Marjoram: *chuckle*

[10:49] Han.Held now

[10:49] Eryn Galen: Categories usually work well, but there will always be exhibits that dont fit any

[10:49] Isis Ophelia: grrrrrr brb

[10:49] stiofain.nbmcmedia theme = dont mention sl

[10:49] Han.Held Whose willing to perform or get performers?

[10:49] Stassi Susanti: heheh

[10:49] Han.Held :p~~~ if I hadn’t bein in SL, esp SLB, I wouldn’t hhave the nerve to do this

[10:49] Stassi Susanti: I can perform

[10:49] Leighton Marjoram: Im not sure if i can help as dont really now that side of the community that well.

[10:50] Isis Ophelia: back sorry

[10:50] Stassi Susanti: wb

[10:50] Han.Held Great! I think we’ve got DJ Anj, Satur for Torben Asp and someone’s going to contact

[10:50] Han.Held wb Isis πŸ™‚

[10:50] Isis Ophelia: ty

[10:50] Han.Held hmmm

[10:50] stiofain.nbmcmedia i can possibly organise a closing event with live performers and djs

[10:50] Stassi Susanti: :-]

[10:50] Han.Held That would be great.

[10:50] Han.Held Ok

[10:50] Han.Held I’d like to delegate

[10:51] Isis Ophelia: awesome

[10:51] Han.Held if I can get people willing to be delegated TO

[10:51] Eryn Galen: hehe

[10:51] Han.Held πŸ™‚

[10:51] Eryn Galen: I will work out the region with you, as discussed

[10:51] Han.Held Great, thanks, Eryn

[10:51] Han.Held OH, Isis!

[10:51] Eryn Galen: Im sorry I wont have the time to organise the exhibits

[10:51] Magnuz Binder: LadyJo Martin is usually up for DJing almost anywhere as long as she has tha time for it.

[10:51] Han.Held I forgot to answer your question

[10:51] Isis Ophelia: yes?

[10:51] Han.Held I’m so sorry

[10:51] stiofain.nbmcmedia i did the closing party for last 2 oscc

[10:51] Han.Held Let me answer now

[10:51] Isis Ophelia: listening

[10:52] Han.Held We’re going to have one 256 sized region, I want to talk to the region sponsor and see if it will be possible to expand to a 2×2 region if we have a heavy demand

[10:52] Han.Held but the plan right now is to use a single 256sqm standard region

[10:52] Han.Held Does that answer your question?

[10:52] Eryn Galen: And I would bet it will stay that way Han…

[10:52] Isis Ophelia: yes, will you still need a region in digiworldz?

[10:52] Eryn Galen: Its not that long until the exhibits need to be ready πŸ˜‰

[10:53] Han.Held I don’t think we’ll need a region in digiworldz; I want to have this done outside of any grids

[10:53] Leighton Marjoram: what is the time frame on builds

[10:53] Han.Held the final region and group will be run out of a seperate standalone

[10:53] Isis Ophelia: okis

[10:53] Han.Held I’m not sure; I’m thinking everything should be done and ready by Nov 7th; what do you all think?

[10:53] Eryn Galen: If the fest should start on November what, 13th? Then I would think the weekend before is good to have all exhibits on the region

[10:54] Eryn Galen: So we have a few days in case something crops up

[10:54] Isis Ophelia: yes, agree with that

[10:54] Stassi Susanti: nods

[10:54] Leighton Marjoram: K, sounds good to me.

[10:54] Magnuz Binder: Good plan, Han and Eryn!

[10:54] Han.Held Thanks.

[10:54] Han.Held Ok

[10:54] stiofain.nbmcmedia so nov 13/14/15 ?

[10:54] Isis Ophelia: the events with performers which days? weekend?

[10:54] Han.Held Is anyone willing to take on the task of setting up and scheduling performers?

[10:54] Leighton Marjoram: Nov 7th and 8th is the weekend before.

[10:54] Eryn Galen: so we have timeframe and parcel sizes as well as categories / themes for the exhibits

[10:55] Eryn Galen: they only need to get advertised, hehe

[10:55] Han.Held I’d like help organising performers and organizing exhibitors

[10:55] Eryn Galen: Hmm just thinking Han

[10:56] Eryn Galen: if we set up something on Google docs we can share the task out

[10:56] Han.Held we can use G+ to keep track of things, but for actually contacting people

[10:56] Eryn Galen: and everyone can enter whoever they bring

[10:56] stiofain.nbmcmedia i think it makes sense to set an opening event say fri 13th 12pm pst and closing say 15th nov 6pm pst and fill in later

[10:56] Stassi Susanti: yes google docs is a GReat Idea

[10:56] Han.Held I have a DJ who will be performing at noon SLT on Friday Nov 13th

[10:56] Eryn Galen: that way we can put a say calendar on Excel or something for the performers as well as a list for exhibitors on there

[10:56] Isis Ophelia: that fits

[10:57] Eryn Galen: I can prepare that if you like Han

[10:57] Han.Held I’m not sure if that will be opening or not; it depends on what time we decide to open.

[10:57] Stassi Susanti: mmhumm

[10:57] Eryn Galen: but I wont have time to do the actual organising

[10:57] Stassi Susanti: color coding is good too

[10:57] Eryn Galen: yes

[10:57] Han.Held Let’s set up a google calandar for this

[10:57] Han.Held ALSO

[10:57] stiofain.nbmcmedia is my point decide open and close times first then fill in

[10:57] Han.Held I’d like to have promotional events, dances, leading up to this

[10:57] Han.Held on different grids

[10:57] Han.Held nothing fancy, just get together on different grids, hang out and spread the word, hopefully

[10:58] Han.Held the point being to not loose momentum between now and nov

[10:58] Han.Held thoughts?

[10:58] Leighton Marjoram: Good idea Han.

[10:58] Stassi Susanti: I mean I wouldnt see why it would hurt

[10:58] Eryn Galen: no, get togethers are good

[10:58] Eryn Galen: Stio, you should raise your hand for this, hehehe

[10:58] Han.Held That would also be a good way to get other grids involved

[10:59] Isis Ophelia: on 7th October in my clug its myRL BD

[10:59] stiofain.nbmcmedia if people see a well organised schedule then they will be more inclined to spread word in other places

[10:59] Isis Ophelia: Stassi shall we?

[10:59] Han.Held congrats and happy birthday in advanced, Isis!

[10:59] Stassi Susanti: sure

[10:59] Isis Ophelia: time zones could be a problem

[10:59] Stassi Susanti: I think Isis has her grand opening with various artists

[10:59] Isis Ophelia: to come all together

[10:59] Han.Held Ok, I think we’re good for now; any questions before I wrap this up?

[11:00] Stassi Susanti: who is handling social ?

[11:00] Han.Held I’m going to post the transcript, make sections in the group and start a google calandar

[11:00] Eryn Galen: You should think about what times you want the performers Han

[11:00] Han.Held What do you mean, Stassi?

[11:00] Eryn Galen: likeIsis said: time zones

[11:00] Isis Ophelia: ok on Sep 27 I could have a board announcing the Avi Fest coming in November

[11:00] stiofain.nbmcmedia and a solid name is needed

[11:01] Stassi Susanti: or will the google calendar be open for all of us to add djs

[11:01] Han.Held Wer’e going to have to discuss that, Eryn; we need to figure out when people are avialble to perform, when epople are available to attend

[11:01] Eryn Galen: Let me know if you need any help with a organisational document

[11:01] Han.Held it will be open to djs

[11:01] Stassi Susanti: ok got ya

[11:01] Han.Held I need all the help I can get LOL

[11:01] Han.Held seriously

[11:01] Han.Held literally

[11:01] Stassi Susanti: smiles

[11:01] Stassi Susanti: yes its a huge task to do

[11:01] Isis Ophelia: listen this is the 1st meeting, we need to sort out what we have now

[11:02] Stassi Susanti: seems minimal in chat but after it gets rolling watch out!

[11:02] Eryn Galen: No worries. Thats easy to do since I have done it before. Will only take a couple of minutes. Then we can put it into Google and if people want to help out, they get a link and access.

[11:02] Isis Ophelia: my suggestion is we sort out, then all questions coming to our mind, we cocentrate them in G+

[11:02] Han.Held Ok, Isis

[11:02] Eryn Galen: yes, have a questions section….

[11:02] Magnuz Binder: Anyone good at making posters so we can start spamming ASAP? I have a few regions I can fill with them…

[11:03] Eryn Galen: The someone I know is busy RL right now, sorry

[11:03] Han.Held That’s why I asked for a hand count earlier, Isis

[11:03] Han.Held and that’s part of why I want to post the transcript; to have a record

[11:03] Isis Ophelia: yes

[11:03] Eryn Galen: Anyone know any creative person?

[11:03] Leighton Marjoram: These first few meetings are like this, order will emerge at some point. Great starting point though.

[11:03] Han.Held I would prefer to have people signup on G+ because it’s easier to keep track of there

[11:03] Han.Held it’s more centrailised

[11:03] Stassi Susanti: mmhumm

[11:04] Isis Ophelia: depends, if you expect a piece of ART then I might be not good enuff haha

[11:04] Stassi Susanti: Posters I can work something up if you like

[11:04] Isis Ophelia: for the poster I mean

[11:04] stiofain.nbmcmedia well i think setting open/close time and getting the hg addrss of the region is the necessary start point before doing gates / posters / finding performers / exhibitors

[11:04] Eryn Galen: Just make something Isis and post it on G+

[11:04] Han.Held We’ll be happy with whatever you want to give us

[11:04] Eryn Galen: ~**Smile**~

[11:04] Eryn Galen: Great Stassi

[11:04] Han.Held Stiofain, we have to decide the time

[11:04] Han.Held that’s the biggie

[11:04] Han.Held That is going to probably happen in a thread on G+

[11:04] Han.Held in the group

[11:04] Isis Ophelia: but I know Sofee she is a master at Poster making

[11:05] stiofain.nbmcmedia yes that is first step

[11:05] Isis Ophelia: will ask her, maybe I can win her to do 1-2 Posters

[11:05] Han.Held We have to decide when epople are availiable, both to perform, and to attend

[11:05] Eryn Galen: Stio we might possibly sort the region out within the next 2 weeks

[11:05] Han.Held we have the date; the date is settled

[11:05] Eryn Galen: but we can build here in the meantime and meet

[11:05] Eryn Galen: so region or addess is not the issue yet

[11:05] Han.Held I’m not sure when I’ll have the final location; I have to meet with the person donating the region

[11:05] Han.Held and work out what they can offer and when

[11:05] Leighton Marjoram: I am going to have to head off now beautiful people. Look forward to seeing the notes from this meeting and getting started. Stay fabulous and great to meet everyone.

[11:05] Eryn Galen: exactly

[11:06] Isis Ophelia: but could be build in here and then export the oar?

[11:06] Eryn Galen: Great to meet too Leighton

[11:06] Danko Whitfield: tc Leighton

[11:06] Han.Held ok, thaks, and thanks for coming and for the ideas, Leighton

[11:06] Stassi Susanti: Raises hand

[11:06] Magnuz Binder: Bye Leighton, Be well and take care.

[11:06] Leighton Marjoram: Till the next time. Ttfn. πŸ™‚

[11:06] Han.Held Isis we could

[11:06] Han.Held that was the intent behind this region

[11:06] Leighton Marjoram whispers: aves

[11:06] Isis Ophelia: great

[11:06] Stassi Susanti: may I suggest a skype group for when were not here

[11:06] Isis Ophelia: ok thanks for the meeting Han πŸ™‚

[11:06] Han.Held I can’t use skype

[11:06] Han.Held I’m on loonix

[11:07] Han.Held Thank you

[11:07] Eryn Galen: I wouldnt spread it out

[11:07] Stassi Susanti: ok

[11:07] Han.Held I’m gonna wrap it up now and post the transcript

[11:07] Eryn Galen: G+ should suffice for most things

[11:07] Han.Held Anything else can be hashed out on G+ in the group

[11:07] Isis Ophelia: G+ is ok

[11:07] Han.Held stiofain, do you want the URL for the G+ group?

[11:08] Han.Held

[11:08] stiofain.nbmcmedia i have it

[11:08] Han.Held ^^there

[11:08] Han.Held great

[11:08] stiofain.nbmcmedia so opening date is 13th nov finalised? time to be decided?

[11:08] Han.Held I’m gonna head home and go to work. Take care everyone and THANK YOU so much for coming!

[11:08] Han.Held yes

[11:08] Isis Ophelia: we need to talk what is meant to be under “Hypergrid”

[11:08] Han.Held and yes

[11:08] Eryn Galen: ~**Smile**~

[11:08] Eryn Galen: Thank you Han

[11:08] Magnuz Binder: Thank you for getting this rolling, Han!

[11:08] Eryn Galen: yes Stio

[11:08] Stassi Susanti: thank you

[11:08] Linda.Kellie Thanks for the invite Han.

[11:08] CloudServe Assist: Bye

[11:08] Eryn Galen: 13th until 16th

[11:08] Han.Held bye everyone!

[11:08] Eryn Galen: no time yet

[11:08] Danko Whitfield: thanks Han

[11:08] Isis Ophelia: have all a nice time

[11:09] Isis Ophelia: evening or night

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